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My brother Dominic's home page (which has been under construction for over a year).


A Little Interesting!

Click on the button for biographies on many famous people.
More than 15,000 entries supplied by Cambridge University Press

For the benefit of my relations in England (and at Dominic's request)
a picture of my girl-friend Yolanda.

A picture of my Dad with a CACATA

Local links I consider interesting;

  • The local English language newspaper on the Internet
  • Dominican Republic Miscellaneous links for The Dominican Republic.
  • The World-Wide-Web

  • Wembury.The village I come from in England.
  • The FA Premiership All you need to know about football in England and Scotland
  • The Electronic Telegraph Access to daily news in the UK plus the cryptic crossword
  • The Guardian/The Observer Access to daily news in the UK
  • Viz comic on-line
  • It's a Purple Line

    Other Stuff

    My address;
    Ave. Enriquillo 82, Edificio Alkhou V,
    Los Cacicazgos,
    Santo Domingo,
    Republica Dominicana.

    My E-mail address is:

    My Fax: (809) 542 0089

    Last big update: Saturday November 30th, 1996
    -Stephen James Bispham 1st October 1996
    It's a Purple Line